Who We Are

Shanghai Data Miracle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and sales of 3D ToF systems, our products include SmartToF® 3D cameras, SmartToF® software development kit, SmartToF® 3D ISP and industrial 3D vision applications. Our management and R&D teams come from world-class companies, like Fujitsu, Lenovo and IBM, and top universities in China so that we have strong capability in innovation and development. We established tight cooperation with the world’s leading 3D sensors manufacturers. After several years’ efforts, we have a number of technical patents and rich relative industry applications, which help us get closer to the goal of becoming the leader in the field of intelligent perception. Wisdom Vision, Wisdom Future!


3D ToF-3D vision will be widely applied in the fields of mobile, AR/VR, autonomous driving and so on.

Our Vision

To improve the performance and reduce the cost and power consumption of ToF systems through our core ISP technology. Have our ISP embedded into every mobile phone, every car, every robot, every household appliance. Help the world embrace ToF technology.

Contact us

Contact Sales: sales@smarttof.com

Contact Support: support@smarttof.com

Phone: +8618016362773 (Chinese Service)

Address: Room 506, Building No.6, Ln.308, Xumin  Rd., Qingpu District, Shanghai City, China