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Our goal is to have our 3D ToF technology embedded in every phone, every car, every robot, every household appliance

Current Positions

Job Responsibilities

1)Creates test plans, test cases and test data based on SDK.

2)Conducts compatibility tests with other software programs, hardware, multiple operating system, and network environments.

3)Creates test scripts for functional and regression testing using automated software testing programs to improve test efficiency. Installs, maintains, and uses testing software programs. .

4)Identifies, analyzes, documents defects, questionable functions, errors, and inconsistencies in software functions, outputs, online screens, and content.

5)Delivery effective test report and register bugs/data in system.

6)Continuously challenge the way of doing test and improve it.

7)Documents, analyses, tracks test results and unresolved problems.


1)3+ years of Software test experience in product development.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related majors
  • Familiar with Linux and windows.
  • Familiar with common Test tools and bug tracking tools
  • Familiar with software engineering, software testing process and specification, familiar with common testing methods and means, familiar with common testing tools, familiar with black box testing etc. .
  • Experience or skills of Programming language, at least one from C/C /Java/Python/Shell, etc.
  • Good communications and interpersonal skills.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Write documents, including internal development documents and user documents.
  2. Analyze design schematics and PCB routing against specifications and industry standards.
  3. Run procedures to verify design, identify, reproduce and report design issues and single out design flaws.
  4. Contribute to technical feasibility study and continuous improvement projects.


  1. Bachelor Degree or above in Electrical/Electronic/Automation Engineering or equivalen
  2. Executes good judgment to ensure use of correct test procedures, able to design ad-hoc tests.
  3. Strong knowledge in analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, and applying corrective action.
  4. Good understanding of Signal Integrity concepts.
  5. Hands on experience with oscilloscopes and logic- analyzers, including setup and operation is a plus
  6. Knowledge of quality disciplines, stress testing methodologies, reliability statistics, and statistically designed experiments is a plus.
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