High Quality Imaging

The TC-E series ToF cameras equipped with ESPROS® EPC660 ToF sensor. The epc660 is a fully integrated 3D-TOF imager with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA). It features a large pixel size of 10 μm, thus more sensitive to incident light and get a better imaging quality.

High Speed Capturing

The traditional phase-based iToF measuring principle uses 4 successive raw frames to generate one depth frame, however TC-E series ToF cameras support high speed capturing (sport mode) by using only 2 successive raw frames. In this way, the frame rate is 200% faster and motion-blur is reduced by 50%.

High Cost Effective

The TC-E series uses LED as the infrared light emitter, which can achieve a wall plug efficiency of more than 40%. It's the top solution for the overall ToF system design and is more economical.

Large Range Sensing

For scanless 3D sensing, the reflected power falls off as the square of distance. A narrower beam is preferred to get higher SNR in long-range sensing. There is a tradeoff between large field-of-view and long-range sensing. The TC-E series ToF cameras take advantage of the high WPE (wall plug efficiency) and total flux of LEDs, providing up to 122° diagonally FoV and 12 meters sensing range.


■ Compatible with various software platforms
■ Compatible with most common AI platforms
■ Provide powerful tools to facilitate development
■ Provide uniform software interface across various devices
■ Support replay based developping, shorten development cycle
■ Support multiple programming languages and multiple operating systems

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Widely Applied

SmartToF® TC-E series ToF cameras has been widely applied by over 200 enterprises in China, covering a lot of fields of application, including dimensioning in logistics, obstacle avoidance in robot autonomous navigation, anti-tailing in door security system and so on.


Standard model


Frame Rate up to 120 fps
For Mobile Scenario


Sensing Range up to 12m@15fps
For Large Space Scenario
Coming Soon
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