SONY® DepthSense® Technology

TC-S series employ SONY® DepthSense® technology, taking advantage of the cutting-edge Current Assisted Photonic Demodulator(CAPD) techonology and backside illumination(BSI) technology. These technologies empowers SmartToF® TC-S series ToF cameras to have a higher accuracy and show a better performance.

Industry Leading Precision 

SmartToF® TC-S series ToF cameras feature a VGA resolution, enabling themselves to measure over 800,000 physical locations simultaneously and output three-dimensional images in real time. The frequency of modulated infrared light emitted by the TC-S can be up to 100 Mega Hertz, result in a 2mm measurement precision.

Compact Size

The SmartToF® TC-S series ToF cameras are carefully designed and have a extremly compact size (45mm x 45mm x 40mm), make them very easy to be integrated in industrial applications.

Extensible Interfaces

The provided Type-C USB interface can be extended to support 100Mbps Ethernet and External triggers. And battery version of TC-S are also available to ease power supply requirements, one can drive the camera through single Type-C USB cable.


■ Compatible with various software platforms
■ Compatible with most common AI platforms
■ Provide powerful tools to facilitate development
■ Provide uniform software interface across various devices
■ Support replay based developping, shorten development cycle
■ Support multiple programming languages and multiple operating systems

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Sample Videos

Plaster model of Giuliano de' Medici

Distance: 1.0 meter
Mod-frequency:  72 MHz
Integration-time: 1000 us

Box of plaster cubes and characters

Distance: 1.0 meter
Mod-frequency:  100 MHz
Integration-time: 1000 us


modelwavelengthilluminationpower supplypower consumption
TC-S3-A-2-850850nm2x VCSELsDC4W
TC-S3-A-4-850850nm4x VCSELsDC6W
TC-S3-A-4-940940nm4x VCSELsDC6W
TC-S3-B-2-850850nm2x VCSELsUSB4.3W


Sony DepthSense® Technology based
Modulation Frequency up to 120MHz
Precison  up to 1mm
Coming in 2021 Q2
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